The Company

Lauren Perna Communications began after spending several years working in communications and marketing contract roles. I realized the need to formalize my services into a business, so I could offer my clients more personalized solutions for their digital communications needs. 

I am an innate helper with an extensive background in customer service, so personalized service is an important aspect of my business. When you sign up with me, you are getting me and only me. And, you are getting a plan tailored to your business goals. 

My goal is to help companies create and share valuable content, so they can enhance their brand and raise their visibility.

Covering the Marketing and Communications Spectrum

My clients appreciate my unique background--I am equal parts writer, creator, and resource. My experience covers the marketing/communications spectrum, so I bring a holistic approach to all of my projects. I take the time to understand your business, so we can create a compelling plan that will connect you to your audience online, so you can convert likes into leads, and leads into your biggest fans. 

Helping Companies With a Mission 

I focus on helping companies that are dedicated to improving the world, whether that's through groundbreaking research, community leadership, or life coaching. I work with people that build their business on relationship-building because that has been a crucial part of my career, so I can relate to the nuances of selling yourself as the product. I specialize in the life sciences industry, non-profit organizations, and service-based companies.


Making Your Technical Topics More Relatable 

But what else makes me different from the many other consultants? I have experience working with companies in highly regulated and technical industries, like the life sciences. This has led me to acquire the unique ability to turn technical talk into relatable content and interesting stories that get noticed.

I also bring to the table a wide network across New England in the life sciences, healthcare, higher ed, non-profit, and many other B2B industries. The advantage is that I am a connector that understands how and where to reach different audiences. 

My story


How it all began

When I first began my career, I found myself in customer service/operations type roles. Unfortunately, after several years in the workforce, the Great Recession hit, and I got laid off. At the time, I was heartbroken. Despite that, it was the best thing that happened to me because a short time later I landed what became my dream job. 

I found a membership assistant role on Craiglist (yes, Craiglist!) at MassBio, a non-profit trade organization for the life sciences. I didn't go into the job knowing it was my dream job, but it became that over time. I was able to carve out my own path there, progressing all the way to Senior Director. In my multi-faceted role there, I created programs and events that helped grow the membership by threefold, connected with some of the most brilliant minds in life sciences, and raised awareness around some pretty amazing companies.

A leap of faith 

After nearly nine years there, I took a huge leap of faith and decided to go out on my own. I consulted in marketing and communications for a few years, eventually formalizing my services into Lauren Perna Communications. My goal is to become the partner of choice for companies that need help creating and sharing their content. 

The fun stuff 

In addition to my own entrepreneurial adventures, I work alongside my hubby Jon managing our Boston area apartment building. I am a dedicated volunteer, always willing to step in for a good cause or fundraiser. I live and die for country music, the Patriots, and my 9-lb chihuahua/terrier Tessie (not in that order). I am forever grateful for the support of my family and friends and my nephew Spencer's FaceTime kisses. Jon and I split our time between Dedham, MA, and our Lake Winni, NH house. We have big dreams of buying more property and traveling the world.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Communications and American Studies from Fordham University.  In addition to several certifications in Social Media and Content Marketing, I hold a certificate from Columbia University in Digital Marketing and I completed the Emerging Leaders Program from UMass Boston’s School of Management.  And, I just received my boating license, which is completely unrelated but I'm pretty excited about it. 

Jon and I on Lake Winni, NH. 

Volunteering at the Fraxa Biotech Games 

I focus on helping organizations that are doing good in the world but struggle with sharing their story online.   


My goal is to become the partner of choice for companies that need help creating and sharing their content on digital platforms.