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I know that digital marketing and communications can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially if you are in a more technical field or if you haven't had to really leverage it in the past. But with the right helping hand, a great content strategy and persuasive copy can become an important extension of your business. 

Through digital strategies, you can connect with customers, share your expertise, and grow your business.  

I spent nine years training members on digital membership tools, so I understand not everyone has the same comfort level with digital communications. 

I will guide you through every step of the process, so you understand what we're doing and why. 

After nearly two decades of providing top-notch customer service to a broad range of customers, I know that every customer has a different story to tell. That’s why it's important for me to avoid plug-and-play solutions. 

We'll create a partnership that is tailored to your needs. 



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Lots of times I meet businesses with a great story and amazing insight, but they are holding back on sharing it with the world. They don't think they can write or they think it'll just be too sales-y.


Telling your story doesn't have to feel like a sales pitch and sharing your expertise doesn't mean you have to give away your trade secrets. With a great writer on your side, you can let the world know who you are in a way that feels authentic and engages the audience. 

I have spent the last decade helping clients increase their visibility through digital communications, and I can do the same for you and your team. 
Whether you need a blog writer, a copywriter, or an editor, I can help.


Content and writing services include blogs, short and long-form articles, copywriting, website copy, social media content, ad copy, email campaigns, lead generation campaigns, landing page content, wordsmithing/editing, internal documents, business correspondence, training manuals.


Writing is my passion, so if you have something to say but aren't sure how to say it...leave it to me!

See examples of my work.


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So what if you are thinking, but I don't even know WHAT to say...


If you said that, then you aren't alone! Oftentimes people hold back on their content strategy because they are stumped on what type of content they should be sharing.


I get it. It's not easy to come up with content especially when your product is YOU or you work in a highly regulated or technical field. Or simply, it can just be hard to step outside yourself and figure out what to say about your business.

That's where I come in. I will help you carve out a communications strategy that elevates your digital presence and connects with your audience.  From there, I can train you on how to write your content, manage your social media, and create marketing strategies. We can also continue to partner in a capacity that suits your needs. 

When you don't even know where to start, let me be your strategist. 

See examples of my work.

Dave Bjork,

The Patient Evangelist 

"When I started the FRAXA Biotech Games in 2018, Lauren was an invaluable resource providing me with the creative ideas to socialize promote the event online and build enthusiasm in the biotech community. Her organizational skills played a big part in making my event a huge success in its first year and beyond. I'm super grateful to have Lauren on my advisory board. 

Michael F. Chou, PhD,
Harvard Medical School  

"Lauren has been a valuable part of the DIY Mask Challenge/Mask Pledge project. She has extensive experience working with the life sciences, so she knows how to connect with scientists and tell their story in a way that resonates with the general public. Her editing and copywriting skills helped us get visibility. If you need help with a digital campaign, and not sure where to Lauren. 

Eric Celidonio,


"Lauren was a great resource when we brought her on to help us with several digital communications initiatives.  Her writing skills are top-notch; I could always count on her to provide us with quality pieces or transform a good piece into a great piece. Her work is always very thorough, and I appreciate her enthusiasm and professionalism. We would definitely bring her on again.

Annie O'Connell,


"Lauren’s work as a communications consultant at our non-profit came at a time when we needed someone who was reliable, organized, flexible, and independent. She delivered on each task related to social media, online research and writing, and event planning. She went beyond to volunteer at our signature event! Lauren was a pleasure to work with and represented the organization with positivity, maturity, and enthusiasm!

Kind words from clients

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